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Engaging Conferences

Host large-scale meetings, gatherings, and trade shows.


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Organize gatherings, workshops, and customer trainings that will bind everyone together.


Hybrid Immersive Events

Combine the greatest aspects of in-person and online events.

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Network Effortlessly and Anywhere

Encourage your attendees to interact and make organic connections with one another.

Glorious interactive booths

Boost the connect rates of your event's sponsors, exhibitors, and sponsors by 5X.

Multiple integrations

Easily integrate event platforms to social media platforms & stream your events on social media & share.

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Stay on top of every event interaction and get actionable insights to increase your ROI.

The most advanced 3D and Augmented Reality Solutions

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Jeff W, Founder & Principal


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To maintain the audience's interest throughout, the stage management and emcee.


Renovating your event using branding and design services

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Give an immersive event experience to users on mobile app

Ensure that everyone has a memorable and immersive event experience! Whether they're seated on their couch, strolling through a park, or working from a cafe. Your participants can join sessions, participate in polls, move between tables, and have countless interactions with other attendees through our app


“Awesome experience from a low end Android smartphone, very pleased.”

Rick Watson

“With the YardStream app, every user can enjoy this amazing platform from any device, including mobile. The speed at which these guys have been improving and adding features is amazing. Best of all, their customer service support lounge is simply unlike anything.”

Semi Joh

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"We had table talks, speed networking, global chat, people following each other and conversing. We tried to use all the features of the platform to build a community among our audience. We watched people on Twitter using the branded hashtag for the event, #AgencySummit. We could see that the impact was there."

Mike Alton

Head Of Strategic Partnership, Agorapulse


With ticket sales, captivating segments, and interactive features, you can transform your broadcast into an event.


Online summit setup is now more than a possibility; make a unique schedule from scratch in a matter of minutes.


Easily conduct workshops using our interactive platform where one can network & connect with each other.

Online courses

Through YardStream events, you can sell your courses with a variety of features to make the purchasing process seamless.


Utilize YardStream to conduct interactive webinars & increase the engagements.

Fairs & Trade shows

In YardStream, create a virtual expo with a floor of interactive booths and customizable features.

Networking events

Easily connect individuals online by holding several sessions for one-on-one or multiple conversations.


YardStream is designed for hosting conferences; in addition to a stage, we also offer online meeting spaces.

Hybrid events

Organize an offline event and broadcast it through YardStream with all of our interactive features for your online audience.

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